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Summit Pyro  •	A specialty division of Summit Broadcast, Summit Pyro brings your pyrotechnic and fireworks displays to the digital High-Definition world.  •	Single or multi-camera production using high-definition broadcast P2HD cameras capture every detail of your display in full HD 1920x1080 resolution.     •	Your fireworks displays authored to Blu-Ray High-definition discs and/or made ready for upload to your company website or social media outlets such as YouTube.   Capture your next fireworks display on digital media for the world to enjoy.  Fireworks are a true passion for Summit Broadcast owner Bob Felmly.  If he’s not out shooting off his own fireworks display, Bob’s putting his video production skills to use capturing professional firework displays across the country.     Pyrotecnico, American Fireworks...are just a few of the many display company’s that have used Summit Broadcast  to capture their displays for ever. 330.697.6253

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