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About Fireworks Gallery Equipment
Camera:  Panasonic HPX-300 Tripod:  Cartoni Focus HD Shotgun:  Audio-Technica AT-897 Wireless Audio:  Sony UWP-V6    (42/44 638-662MHz) LED on-camera light Tungsten Light Kit  
Complete teleprompter package designed to work in nearly any environment inside or out.  Quick to setup and easy to move around your location shoots.  Nice large display is easy to read.
Grass Valley Edius 6 editing software installed on an HP Z800 workstation with dual-quad-core Xeon processors, 12GB ram, Quadro 2000 1GB video card, Grass Valley HDSpark hardware card.   

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Panasonic HPX-300 P2HD Full Raster 1920x1080
Promter People Proline 11
Mobile Teleprompter
Grass Valley Edius
Z800 Workstation
512 Loomis Ave * Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Working audio for the Hall of Fame Broadcast Set Live event coverage at Pyro Fest Fireworks Festival Style Network home make over shoot with Mark Bruentz Live shoot with Congressman Paul Ryan Equipment